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Our History

Nuestra Historia - Made In Amarillo

The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to an economic and social crisis. These are difficult times for everyone, and especially for those who are suffering from the bitter side of the crisis.

Made In Amarillo was born in the midst of this turbulent scenario in a project promoted by two true fans of Simpson drawings. We wanted to add a touch of humor to the gift ideas and take life with more joy.

Since we began our journey doing custom illustrations, we have been able to build a large group of talented illustrators. Andrea, Cesar, Manuel or Andrés they are some of the best artists we have.

Small details are important to us since we want to make the best illustrations for our clients. We love to reflect humor in illustrations, as we try to make our works make people smile.

It has not been easy, nor fast, reach more than a thousand clients from different places on the planet like Spain, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico or United Kingdom.

We know that we must continue to work hard and improve our services day after day in order to bring joy to more people.

We wish we could draw you in yellow!

Ines and Aritz